When to Go

Cruises sail year-round to Mexico, a convenient and affordable destination for residents of the U.S. Warm weather is the norm at many coastal ports, so a beach vacation is possible whenever you choose to go. High season begins around Christmas and lasts through the spring. The months of March and April bring crowds of youthful travelers to Mexico, on break from school. Low season sets in after Easter, when prices and the flow of visitors fall off somewhat.

The popular travel months of mid-December through April coincide roughly with the dry season (from mid-October to April). The rainy season lasts from May to mid-October and affects the southern region more heavily than the northern region, which is drier overall. In the south rains will often begin to fall in the late afternoon and clear up by the evening, leaving cooler temperatures. In Puerto Vallarta, a common cruise port, the average low temperature during the winter months is in the mid-60s.

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